Save all your tears, put 'em in your pocket . . .

We all need to feel heard, to have someone listen to our voice. History is full of cultural expressions of people who have found a way to be heard. Music, stories and visual art have always filled this need.

But sometimes, a voice comes from someone so young or quiet that it isn't heard. Not at home, at school, even among friends.

But the world does need to hear you. The Band Perry has a beautiful new song called "If I Die Young". One of my favorite lines is, funny when you die, how people start listenin'. Funny strange, disappointing and pointless.

You deserve to be heard now. Even if you're not a famous musician or writer, even if you're not a popular kid, or the class clown.

Bring your thoughts and feelings and post them here. Whether it's a poem, song, story or just a thought you want to express. I'm listening.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

How do you really feel?

How do you feel today?  What's on your mind?  Did you watch a good movie this weekend?

I love music.  I heard two really good songs today.  One is Hear Me Now by Hollywood Undead.  It makes me think about how it feels to be faced with hard choices, how we have to make decisions when we're scared or mad.  Do you have someone to talk to when this happens to you?

The other song I really like is If I Die Young by The Band Perry.  It sounds kind of sad, but one line really hit home for me.  "Funny when you die, how people start listenin'."  Why is that?  Your words are important when you're saying them, when who you're talking to can respond and have a real talk with you.  What do you think?